b. 1986, HK.

CITY/SLEEP Studios is designer, artist, maker, strategist and problem solver Casey Hinton working out of her studio in downtown Toronto. Casey solves problems, tells stories and makes things.


At the Institute Without Boundaries, Casey is pursuing an MA in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy, looking to use design tools to solve complex social issues. As a strategist she is interested in the intersections of system and service design with policy development, technology, economics, globalization, community and urban planning, and sustainability in order to create change for the better. She works to bring new approaches to old problems through conceptual and creative direction, storytelling, co-design, forecasting, design research, workshop facilitation and user-engagement with a human centered approach. She loves to develop communication strategies and presentations that tell stories from new perspectives and uncover exciting new insights.

As a graduate of OCAD University with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice and experience with creative events including curation, exhibition design and retail design, she has an eye for community engagement and a passion for creative collaboration. She founded Art Spin in 2010 alongside Rui Pimenta and Layne Hinton, and now sits on the Board of Directors. She maintains a creative art practice as a curator, sculptor, collage artist and designer.

Casey brings 8 years of post-secondary student recruitment strategy, and 5 years of international relations work to the table. She worked to build relationships and partnerships with other institutions, creative industry professionals and government stakeholders and produced in-depth and industry specific market research to inform her internationalization strategy. Her regions of expertise include China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Canada and the US.

As a jewelry designer, she produces unique, weird, fun wearable art, largely from recycled kids toy blocks and found objects from her travels. Her growing brand of CITY/SLEEP Studios necklaces can be found in Coal Miner’s Daughter (Toronto), Samara Contemporary (Toronto), Distill Gallery (Toronto & Stratford) and META4 Gallery (Peterborough & Port Perry). Her work was recently a part of the LoveDesign Shop as a part of the DesignTO festival. She understands running a small business and building a brand, and this practice runs parallel to her strategy work.

CITY/SLEEP is named for Casey’s now-retired travel blog. It stems from her life on the road for work, where her life revolved around being in a new city, and then sleeping. Rinse. Repeat. She still loves to write. And travel. She also loves to explore culture through food, is obsessed with cities, rides her bike everywhere, used to play in a band and is a passionate thrift-shopper.

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Casey Hinton